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From Rastatt into Augsburg

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010
From Rastatt into Augsburg…a quick 5 minute read:)
Here is my perspective from the Rastatt Stadthalle venue.  You can see toward the back where all the light is, that the house was opened into an extra seating space with chairs set up on risers.  Kinda like HLE’s Shofar Theater, but directly center back.  When we did the show later, I remember seeing most of those seats filled.
Rastatt venue mic check…
It gets dark around 4PM these days, so here’s a nice shot of the venue’s “backyard”, from right behind those extra theater seats.  Earlier, I was climbing all over those walls, taking pictures of all those angels (Grandaddy Student, Mother and Child…), etc.  To the left is where I wrote my name in the snow.
Onto Augsburg…when one wakes up in the bus bunk, usually the first thing on our mind is “gotta pee”, but only second after that thought comes, “breakfast”…enter Zapp, our tour cook who is so jolly & funny!…on yeah, and is a fabulous food producer!  Breakfast is usually the same…sausage, beans, eggs, cheese, meats, coffee, cereal, toast/rolls…plenty to choose from and make different combos throughout the week.  Lunch/Dinner is different every time!  Our after-show meal at 10:30PMish is on the bus:  cold sandwiches, fruit, candy, and plenty of liquids.  Zapp and his crew do a great job, and I always see him in quirky, high spirits:)
Augsburg is a city in the south-west of Bavaria in Germany.  It is, as of 2008, the third-largest city in Bavaria with a population exceeding 264,000 citizens. After Trier, Augsburg is Germany’s second oldest city.  Augsburg is the only German city with its own legal holiday, the Peace of Augsburg, celebrated on August 8 of every year. This gives Augsburg more legal holidays than any other region or city in Germany.  And that’s all I got, folks!  No walkabout, because I was on major Vocal Coach duty that day.
Here is the Augsburg venue…I will admit I ran on 85% “strong feelings” that whole show…lotsa challenges.  But hey, I burned calories!!!
All the above pictures I borrowed from Narada’s camera.  The one below is the only one I took that day.  This was my dressing/makeup station.  This.  And the funniest thing was that I couldn’t even change in the room because some of the blinds were broken, so people could see in if they wanted to.  I had to go down the hall to the public restroom to change.  Hah!
Here’s the Augsburg crowd.  You see our mic stands?…move them to the corner of that right speaker and that’s where they ended up before downbeat (start of show).  The camera is in the right stage wing.  Two steps backward, and Rodney and I would have been offstage, which is sometimes where I wanted to go during this show.  Imagine my arm right up against the corner of it, then Rodney and his mic stand crammed next to me…and that’s where I sang that evening…elbowing Rodney and a side fill speaker for most of the show!
The audience was WONDERFUL!  I could hardly believe how amazing they were, considering the obstacles certain cast members were working around during the show.  Thank God for their great hearts and excellent yelling skills!  Yay Augsburg Audience!
The next two days off are at the Domicil Hotel in Puncheim, Germany, next to Munich.  Looking forward to organizing those pics soon!
God bless you all!