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On With Dortmund, Germany!

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010
  • I know it’s been FOREVER since I’ve sent a newsletter. It’s not that stuff hasn’t been happening…I just needed a break from researching during all my time off. We also haven’t had a lot of free Internet opportunities in the last two weeks, during my usual research times, so it’s been harder to gather my data anyway. But enough with the excuses…on with Dortmund, Germany!
  • When we arrived in Dortmund to check in at our hotel, our rooms weren’t ready…and we were all hungry and ready for the restroom! Luckily, there was a McDonald’s around the corner, so Ralf drove us around to wait the hour + there.
  • At first glance, the picture below might look like Travis is about to get run over by Ralf, but actually the bus is parked and Travis is starting his mad dash to get food…
  • During our hotel stay, some of us together to record some rough background vocals for “Bad”, which we’re putting into the show soon. The vocals for “Bad” are so simple that once I started singing, I think I was in there less than 15 minutes!
  • DSC03119.jpg
  • So here’s the basic info on Dortmund, Germany:
  • After being destroyed by a fire, the Holy Roman Emperor, Frederick I (Barbarossa), rebuilt Dortmund in 1152 and resided there for two years. It became an Imperial Free City in 1220 and during that century, was the “chief city” of the Rhine, Westphalia. During the industrialization of Prussia in the 1600s, Dortmund became a major center for coal and steel. During WWII, the bombing destroyed about 80% of the Dortmund homes. Post-war, buildings such as the Reinoldikirche and Marienkirche (churches) were restored/rebuilt, and extensive parks and gardens were laid out. The LWL-Industriemuseum began in 1969, and the city subsequently became a center for hi-tech industry. In the present, Dortmund‘s population of 587,830 (as of June 20, 2005) makes it the 7th-largest city in Germany, and 34th-largest in the European Union. The Ruhr River flows south of the city, and the small river, Emscher, flows through the municipal area. Dortmund is known as Westphalia’s “green metropolis.” The city center of Dortmund still retains the outline of the medieval city. A ring road marks the former city wall, and the Westen-/Ostenhellweg, part of a medieval salt trading route, is still the major (pedestrian) street bisecting the city centre.
  • Ladies, gentlemen, and children of reading age: I saw none of this! The only walkabout I got was another trip to the McDonald’s on foot, since we were too far away from downtown to walk, and I didn’t want to spring for a taxi. On the way to our fast food destination, which was connected to our hotel by a “business circle” of office-type buildings, Night Scout Narada and I stopped to take a few pics of the interesting “office artwork”.
  • If we relate all this to the offices in back of them, we can call this one, “Standing Around the Cooler Water”…
  • DSC03121.jpg
  • Gossip, gossip, gossip…
  • DSC03122.jpg
  • And here’s my favorite rhinoceros!…
  • DSC03126.jpg
  • In case you missed my Facebook post, I named him Falkor, and we had a lovely photo shoot together. He told me he was glad to have another colorful being in the area, as everything around here is pretty dull until you get to the McDonald’s!
  • DSC03120.jpg
  • After a bittersweet farewell, we continued on our office tour…
  • Who’s tired of standing outside in the cold?…a show of hands please…
  • DSC03127.jpg

And Dortmund’s version of the LOST statue…

  • DSC03129.jpg
  • These look like a bunch of over worked, under lunched, suicidal employees…
  • DSC03131.jpg
  • “Don’t jump!”, their coworkers shout from below them…
  • DSC03132.jpg
  • …and more onlookers in the distance shout, “noooooooooooooo!” in slow motion…
  • DSC03134.jpg
  • Alright, enough of office buildings and their artwork full of woe…onto McDonald’s and their kids’ play place! Some BIG kids got to play in this place today! Narada, Jesse, Shannon, and I got to shoot some serious hoops, as well as a few dunks. There was even a timer built into the wall so we could have timed competitions of who could shoot the 6 balls into the hoop the fastest. So much fun in such a small space!
  • DSC03136.jpg
  • Eventually, the manager came in to tell us the place is only for children, and though we insisted we ARE children!…he made us exit the otherwise-deserted area. Sorry, all you children waiting in line outside the door to play…all you loads of children from which we were stealing your play place. We are sad, thieving adults;/P
  • The generally docile time in Dortmund was very restful. I believe my hip had been hurting a lot this week, and Latosha had a mean cold, so we definitely needed the extra time to sleep and relax.
  • Here’s a pic of our Dortmund stage set up…
  • DSC03141.jpg
  • We performed at the Westfalenhalle, a large convention center, the site of several major conventions, trade fairs, ice-skating competitions, concerts and other major events since the 1950s. This center is a part of Signal Iduna Park, which is the soccer ground of Borussia Dortmund.
  • So that’s it! Again, sorry for the huge newsletter delay…but sometimes a gal just has to BE in the place she is, rather than document day and night. But never fear, the walkabouts have continued, the pictures have been taken…only the research is lacking. And I SHALL catch up on that…hopefully before Easter:)
  • Love and miss you all!
  • ~Jenn