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You’re A-Peein’ To Rrread My Newsletter 3

Saturday, January 9th, 2010

Guten morgen everyone! Last night we did our sophomore show, to a less hype crowd than the New Year’s Eve one, unsurprisingly.  Yet, by the time the show ended, the audience had been on their feet for the last three songs!We even had a dancing group of audience members spontaneously appear house right by the stage.  Very cool:)  Below is an article in German about last night’s show at Volksbank Messe Theater in Stadt Balingen, Germany:

Stadt Balingen/Volksbank Messe article

Here is the stage from the back of the house.  Depending on the dimensions of the venue, the two big screens are either set far apart like below, or right on stage…such as the first show, where the leg of the screen was right by my mic stand!

Volksbank Messe house

The crew starts breaking down the equipment the MOMENT we get our feet off stage…they work SO HARD I can’t even imagine!  I’m sure their after-show routine has been nearly perfected by now.  All went pretty smoothly with my after-show routine as well this time.  Every venue has a shower, thank God!, because our bus does not!  So I got through my shower, packed up all my stuff, got on the bus, checked email, had some dinner, the “family” watched a movie as the bus drove to the next location, and since it was only a 2 hour drive, I waited till the bus had arrived and stopped jostling before heading to bed.  I actually had a LOT of favorite bus moments last evening!…

First, one of my besties, Rusty, Skyped me while I was on the 2nd bus level, and my good TUT family answered the computer for me and held him online till I got back downstairs, just like your mom saying, “Jenn, Rusty’s on the phone for you!  Come down and get the phone!”…so cute:)  Ah, technology.  So Rusty and I video talked and he showed me the new house he and the roommates just moved into.  It’s amazing that I can share so much with friends overseas!!!

Second, in the middle of our conversation, the bus door opens (when I thought we were supposed to be pulling out of the theater parking lot) so I take the opportunity to raise the computer towards the door so that Rusty can see the snow, but the people coming onto the bus make me stop short…we had just encountered a drunk pedestrian who walked in front of our moving bus!  They took him inside and laid him on the floor right by us…he was confused and we didn’t know if he was hurt…the paramedics came as he exited the bus, peed in the snow, and it turns out the paramedics recognized the man of course!  I guess it’s not the first time he took a drunk walk!  So that was pretty exciting.

Finally, as the “Internet Cafe” on the 1st level was going full force, our producer, Rob, Skyped Ritchie next to me to say goodnight…Rob was upstairs in his bus office in bed!!!  Funny.  I’ll have to try saying goodnight to everyone from my bunk via Skype one of these days:)

So anyhoo, I wake up this morning in Singen, Germany, and what’s outside my window?…only one of my most favorite things on this earth!…a castle!!!

I promptly got my 50 layers on and went walking with Rodney to take morning pictures.  Later, I Googled the area and found out that the reason the castle is on such a strangely shaped “hill” is that the hill is really an exposed volcano core!  It must take pretty courageous (or ill-informed) builders to decide to put a castle on top of a volcano…

Hohentwiel is an extinct volcano in the Hegau region of Baden-Württemberg in southern Germany. It lies in today’s German city tour stop, Singen.

Hohentwiel began forming, along with the chain of volcanoes in the Hegau region, about 7-8 million years ago, when a layer of volcanic ash and stone was laid down. In the following millions of years, the core was opened 260 metres beneath the surface by the glaciers from the ice age. This formed the core that is now exposed, after the ensuing millions of years of erosion.

The fortress, whose ruins lie on top of Hohentwiel, was constructed in 914 using stone taken from the mountain itself by Burchard III, Duke of Swabia. Originally, the Monastery of St. Georg was contained within the fortress, but in 1005 it was moved toStein am Rhein (now in Switzerland), and the Swabian dukes lost control of Hohentwiel. In the later Middle Ages the noble families von Singen-Twiel (12.-13 cent.), von Klingen (to 1300) and von Klingenberg (to 1521) resided here. In 1521, it was passed on to Duke Ulrich von Württemberg, who developed Hohentwiel into one of the strongest fortresses of his duchy.

The fortress resisted five imperial sieges in the Thirty Year War, served as a Württemberg prison in the 18th century and was destroyed in 1800 after being peacefully handed over by the French. Today the former fortress Hohentwiel is the biggest castle ruin of Germany.

The modern city of Singen (Hohentwiel), and our tour bus, nestles at the foot of this mountain!

Hohentwiel Vocano & Castle in Singen, Germany

Rodney and I encountered three “areas” on our walk.  The first being a cool space that must be a beautiful garden when it’s in bloom.  That led to a bridge where ducks were somehow OK with being in the chilling water that flowed underneath.  The second area is a recreational park, with children’s play area, sports section, and this fun little structure…Asian art?

Now, you may look at the picture below and think…crude prison cage?…preparing for The Wickerman 2?…but you would be wrong.  It’s a children’s jungle gym…seriously.  It’s right by the seesaw and swings!  I don’t think we’d have any American kids left if they all played on this thing!

Yet, if I can climb it and survive, maybe kids can too:)P

The final morning walk stop was in a charming and mysterious little garden park which greeted us with this beautiful sight:

Beyond the cross, up the path on the right, is a circular park that has amazing carved stone slabs inside.  My favorite has different animals on it, starting from the bottom: fish, snake, mammal, butterfly, birds!  So cool!  Here’s the picture that came out the best.  It looks like flowers at the bottom which bloom into a tree:

There are 4 total.  The probably represents earth, the animal one animals of course, there was one of the sky (stars, moon, etc.), then the final one had a gold ball on top, I assume to represent the sun.  I felt like I was in the middle of a sacred place where Indiana Jones or Tom Hanks or someone playing Myst was about to pounce upon the stones and open some unmarked lair!

We have our third show tonight and so far I’m not sore, so all is well from my perspective.  Enjoy your day and thank God for your personal shower space!!!

Much luv & God bless you!